All tyres are taken to Siba in Uden. There they are inspected by our own inspectors, who check to see whether the tyres are still suitable for sale. Any waste tyres are shredded and transported to granulation companies, where they undergo fully environmentally friendly reprocessing to become new raw materials.

Yes, in principle, as long as the tyres involved are motor vehicle tyres. We do not handle any other car components made of rubber, or conveyor belts. If the tyres involved are not car tyres, please contact Siba. Our representatives will assess how best to dispose of the tyres and what the price for this will be, if any. The regulations in the Netherlands differ from those in Belgium, as the Recytyre scheme in Belgium covers a larger variety of tyre types than the RecyBEM scheme in the Netherlands.

We are permitted to collect tyres free of charge if an environmental contribution was paid to RecyBEM or Recytyre for them. Not sure what the situation is where your company is concerned? Our representatives will be delighted to offer their expert help.

Tyre containers are supplied to clients who collect more than 250 tyres per year. Tyre racks of a smaller size are supplied to clients who collect fewer tyres annually. The best solution for each new client is discussed with them.

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