Delivery of used tyres at our location is from January 1st 2023 not possible anymore!

Delivery of used tyres at our location is from January 1st 2023 not possible anymore!

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About Siba Autobanden

With Siba, your tyres are in good hands!

Siba Autobanden has been specialising in the collection of used tyres for more than 55 years and now provides a unique service, tailored to each client. We collect used tyres using sustainable methods and then sort them. Our expert inspectors check the tyres before some are resold, with the waste tyres being sent for totally environmentally friendly recycling.

Interested in Siba?

Could Siba be of service to your company? Why not make an appointment with one of our representatives to discuss what the best approach would be for your particular business?

Together with you, our representative will look at:

  • the number of used tyres you have for disposal each year;
  • the amount of space available for a container or rack;
  • the accessibility of your site for our trucks;
  • the costs for renting storage solutions (a container or rack);
  • whether tyres can be collected in accordance with the RecyBEM (Netherlands) or Recytyre (Belgium) scheme;
  • whether you currently have used tyres available that can be collected straight away when the container or rack is brought;
  • whether you, as a new client, have any other specific requests.

If you are not yet affiliated to RecyBEM or Recytyre, then Siba can help you with registration. Siba keeps a record of all the tyres you dispose of and you are welcome to view our records at any time.

The general terms and conditions of payment and delivery of VACO (a business organisation for the tyre and wheel industry) apply to all our services.


There are currently no vacancies at Siba.